Blockchains, Smart Contracts, DAOs and ICOs have interesting use cases for artists and the art industry alike. On smArtchain we showcase art projects and art startups based on blockchains and smart contracts.

Art Industry

Blockchain could revolutionize art markets by solving questions of provenance, transparency, copyright and ownership issues. Art start-ups are already building real-world applications on blockchain.

Creative Tool

Blockchain could also be a new creative tool that artists use to push the boundaries of creation and society, as we can see with Plantoid or the terra0.

Funding Artists

Blockchain and smart contracts can also be used by artists to fund their project through token sales, creating their own artist coin or using it as a crowdfunding or crowd-investing tool.


Wunder – Decentralized Art Museum

Wunder is a blockchain based decentralized art museum. It enables Art-as-a-Service and is the perfect intersection of new media art, patronage and art collecting. Wunders vision for the future is to live in a world where artists can gain instant momentum and traction...

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ArtTactic – Art & Finance Report by Deloitte

Deloitte just published a new edition of ArtTactic 2017, a 300 page report, covering art and finance industry, highlighting main trends and developments in the art market. This 7th edition brought together and compared the findings and developments from the previous...

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DADA Demo Day A unique social network where people speak to each other through drawings with a decentralized digital art marketplace on the blockchain.

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Maecenas – The Decentralized Art Gallery

Maecenas intends to build a decentralised art gallery. Their aim is to democratise fine art investment. Their slogan is "Art investment for everyone!". This video is the first sneak peek into their platform. Find more info...

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Musiconomi – Tokenizing the Music Industry

Musiconomi wants to reshape the way listeners and musicians engage rewarding artists directly and incentivize social sharing or fans. The Musiconomi (MCI) token will be designed to enable unique revenue sharing models, incl. playlists, streaming radio, virtual...

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Artlery – The New Art Economy on the Blockchain

Artelery is building tools to track engagement with art offering easy methods for valuing, pricing, and selling art. It allows artists to track engagement with their artwork from within the app no matter where there art work...

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Terra0 – A self sustaining AI DAO Forest

This video give an introduction to Terra0, an AI forest presented @ IPDB // BigchainDB Meetup in March 2017 by Paul Seidler & Paul Kolling. Terra0 is a self-owned forest. It is an ongoing art project by...

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Plantoid – Create new Autonomous Entities

Artist & researcher Primavera De Filippi has created a new species. It’s called Plantoid, and it’s difficult to describe in a single sentence. At first glance, it appears to be a mechanical sculpture, but taking a closer look it reveals itsself more as a...

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ArtTracktive – Provenance of Art Works

The Deloitte ArtTracktive proof of concept provides a distributed ledger for tracking the provenance and whereabouts of fine artworks. The Blockchain-based application manages the interactions between all parties involved,...

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Resonate: Democratize Music Industry

After the successful Ethereum crowdfunding campaign, musician and web developer Peter Harris saw a path to creating a fair, decentralized music streaming platform. Out of that Resonate was born. Peter joined us to discuss...

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Intro to Versiart

Building Distributed Trust and Certifying Works Online: What, Why and How?   Acknowledging the significant level of speculation and lack of transparency in the art market, how does the online question the verification...

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The Tatiana Show

Tatiana interviews Caitlin Long of & Mark Dukas of! Topics Include: --"How Bitcoin Has Changed Mainstream Finance" --"The Reaction of Finance to Blockchains" --"Bitcoin Allows Everyone...

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Singular DTV

Singular DTV Twitter: Singular DTV Website: Singular DTV Whitepaper:

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Ascribe Meet the Team

Berlin-based Startup Ascribe manages valuable digital creations. Artists, designers, and creative workers can share easily on the internet, but keeping it as "theirs" with proper attribution or getting fairly compensated has...

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Ascribe and the Internet of Ownership

The idea of using the Bitcoin blockchain to represent and track the ownership of off-chain assets is almost as old as Bitcoin itself. One of the startups that is pursuing this vision is Berlin-based Ascribe, which allows...

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Ascribe your Art

Greg McMullen talks about, a platform for artists to keep track of their digital work. For the full episode, visit

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Ujo Music

ConsenSys's Phil Barry presents on Ujo (, the recent revolution in digital music consumption – and streaming in particular!

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