Self-Sovereign Identity Working Group

The Self-Sovereign Identity Working Group Berlin is an informal group of researchers, lawyers, software developers and entrepreneurs working with Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In regular meetings jointly discusses issues of identity on Blockchain Technology. Our aim is to discuss those issues in depth within subgroups, based on a multi stakeholder approach. Here you can find a snapshot overview of the identity landscape. The issues around which we address are:

So far people are using identities/user accounts that are not theirs, that are a fragment of their actual identity and that are very hard to manage and maintain. Every platform or organization uses some sort of identity system. It is the core element to control and manage data. The concept of a self-sovereign digital identity is challenging the conventional identity management systems where institutions or platforms claim their role as identity providers. This creates unwanted dependencies and bears the risk of single point of failures. A very hot and important topic for individuals, companies, and governments that is very much on the move these days.

  • Identity providers
  • Identity verification
  • Verifiable claims
  • Decentralized identity / Identity in the Blockchain
  • Identity and regulations (industry standards, GDPR)

Today’s communications and transactions on the web rely mostly on third party providers. Blockchain Technology is here to disrupt this model by introducing a protocol where any two or more parties can interact in a trusted and secure way.
State identity (Estonia’s e-residency), private identity (mobile, bank)
Reputation and reputation systems (also in the blockchain)

Blockchain Technology in itself is radically transparent and not designed to store personal data per se. Privacy regulations like the EU’s GDPR and company data policies require a carefully designed architecture to ensure the highest possible level of data protection and security.

When we are looking at the topic of Blockchain and DLT we are automatically looking at a complete overhaul of how things will work, like:

  • Network effects
  • Technical standards
  • Business models and market strategies (C2C, B2B, B2C, C2B)
  • Identity and Open Data, IoT, Social Networks (GDPR)


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