This time we will hear about the latest developments of Microsoft in the Ethereum/Blockchain space. Afterwards we will hear from Capacity about their Crypto stamp project. Finally we’ll look at the state of Swarm and SW3 following the Swarm Summit 2019 which happened last month.


1) Open Source Blockchain News from Microsoft

Vitalik Buterin had a guest appearance during Mark Russinovich’s talk at Microsoft’s Build conference earlier in May – on the topic of the Microsoft’s open source Visual Studio Code tooling for Ethereum development. The demo then didn’t work, so we will have a closer look at what the “Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum” is – turns out that if Azure isn’t your thing, it still very likely will be the go-to solution for your Ethereum development. And the Azure-tied bits might inspire you for your own implementations.

Relegated to more of a cameo appearance – but long awaited – was the official revealing of the Confidential Consortium Framework, still better known by its previous name Coco. It is a consortium implementation using trusted execution environments (TEEs, as in Intel SGX for example) that is fully open source, and we’ll have a technical look at its cryptographical and technical background.

Speaker: Christoph is an independent consultant, supporting companies in developing everything Azure, Windows and Web (he was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for fifteen+ years). Aside from working on his own projects at, he is also involved in other open source projects, such as the .NET decompiler ILSpy . You can reach him via

2) Crypto stamp – the DAPP perspective.

The Post AG wanted to create a digital collectible – We from Capacity worked with them to make this a reality on the Ethereum Platform.
We will talk about the steps we took – how we are onboarding 150000 wallets to Ethereum, how we made a seamless experience between a classic website and the full DAPP potential. One of the unique aspects is the “future-deliverable” for physical items. We will talk about this is solved by using encrypted transactions.

3) SW3 Update

An update on the state of the Swap, Swear and Swindle Framework plus a quick recap of the Swarm Summit 2019 which happened at the end of May in Madrid.

4) Socializing