Our April Fools Day Meetup will be no joke as we will talk about digital voting using the Blockchain.

A secure voting system is crucial in any democratic country. The most common procedure to date is based on a paper system and digital voting is still widely neglected – often due to security concerns. However, a promising solution to create a robust and convenient digital voting system might be accomplished through the use of Blockchain technology.

To start the conversation, our guest Michael Faschinger will first introduce us to his project “Freie Wahl” which he has been working on for over a year now.
Freie Wahl (https://freiewahl.eu) is a free, secure and anonymous online voting platform for organizations like political parties or associations. Voters can cast their votes after providing a proof of identity with Austria’s B├╝rgerkarte. The voting results are safely stored in a kind of “Blockchain light”.


18:30 Get-Together
19:00 FreieWahl.eu – Michael Faschinger
Afterwards discussion followed by cosy networking with drinks ­čÖé

Join us for a lively discussion of this very hot topic and nice chats afterwards. See you there!