# Vision

Spread the idea of decentralised technologies like blockchain and other technologies that build on top and around blockchain. Empower a more efficient & transparent p2p-economy and p2p-society.

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# Mission

Make blockchain accessible to the general public. Enable an interdisciplinary discourse. Foster a breeding ground for game changing startups. Advocate and communicate the blockchain in a human readable language.

# Governance

Traditional command & control top down management styles do not work well in a decentralised world. We therefore research & apply decentralised governance structures & tools in our Network of Hubs.

Meet the Team

Interdisciplinary think tank focusing on new solutions for business & society. Breeding ground for game changing economic & political concepts.

Thomas Zeinzinger

Thomas Zeinzinger

CEO, Mentor, Speaker, Consultant

Thomas passionately optimizes processes and products and is fascinated about digital enabled improvements and innovations. Beside his consulting company (OPTINNA) focused on Lean Management, he runs his own incubator and coworking space (lab10) and mentors startups in line with the Lean Startup Method. He has now declared full focus on blockchain technology by founding the BlockchainHub Graz where startups will get mentoring as well as connections to advisors, industry partners and investors.

Max Tertinegg

Max Tertinegg

CEO, Speaker, Designer, Developer

Max is co-founder of Coinfinity, a Bitcoin consulting firm and Austria’s leading Bitcoin broker. He studied information design and has been part of the Bitcoin community since 2011. He has developed a multitude of cryptocurrency related projects and knows Bitcoin from many angles. He’s especially interested in blockchain technology and Bitcoin 2.0 platforms.

Sandra Zitz

Sandra Zitz

CFO, Mentor, Consultant

Sandra is passionate about everything around eductation and peoples development, where she promotes ideas through talks, mentoring and coaching. Finding the right organizational structure that facilitates a learning environment is another focus area of her – therefore, she works on the Holacracy implementation for the BlockchainHub’s. As a consultant (OPTINNA) she specializes on organizational development and data visualization. She has a masters degree in Materials Science, a degree in Economics and works on her master in Business Coaching and Change Management.

Thomas Schwarzl

Thomas Schwarzl

CEO, Maker, Developer

Tom ist Initiator und Vorstandssprecher des MakerSpace Graz, einer Bewegung zur beschleunigten Umsetzung innovativer Produktideen. Mit dem MakerSpace Graz geht er einen neuen innovativen Weg als Inkubator, indem er dort betriebswirtschaftliche und technische Kompetenz mit einer modernen Werkstatt, einem sogenannten FabLab, und einem klaren Projektmanagementkonzept unter einem Dach vereint. Als Vor- und Querdenker in den Bereichen Collaboration, Open Source und neuer aufstrebender Technologien ist er seit nun drei Jahren als Inkubationsmotor, Business Angel und Serial Entrepreneur tätig.

What is Blockchain?


If the internet we use today is the internet of information, blockchain is the internet of value that has the potential to fundamentally transform business, economy & society as we know it. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is considered by many to be the next big thing. A game changer that allows us to decentralise trust, creating the basis for a peer-to-peer economy, powered by auto enforceable smart contracts.

Smart Contracts

Transactions on the blockchain through these smart contracts are in many cases faster & cheaper and more secure than transactions that classically run through neural central authorities. These Smart Contracts are an integral part of well as dApps (Decentralized Applications) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

The Decentralized Web

Together with other decentralized protocols like IPFS & SWARM (decentralized file storage), Whisper (Decentralized Messaging), Social Linked Data and many more, Blockchain is contributing to the next generation of the internet, the decentralized web, or web 3.0.

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Latest News

3 Blockchain-Veranstaltungen in Graz

Eine Krypto-Konferenz in Graz … vor einem Jahr noch fast undenkbar! Im März 2018 gibt es innerhalb von zwei Wochen bereits drei Konferenzen mit Blockchain-Fokus. Und der Blockchainhub Graz ist auf allen Veranstaltungen als Partner beziehungsweise durch Thomas...

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Foundation of the lab10 collective eG

On July 8th 2017, the foundation assembly of the ‘lab10 collective’ took place in Graz, where 21 blockchain enthusiasts from the BlockchainHub Graz have joined hands to establish a cooperative to work on selected blockchain projects.

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Winners @ Demo Day – Blockchain Startup Contest

#BCSC16: Winners are announced – 80 blockchain-focused startups from 29 different countries took part in the Graz-based Blockchain Startup Contest, with representatives from the top 20 entries invited to present their projects at a demo day held on Monday, November 28.

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