Learn to solo bake(*) and earn tezzies(**) ! Tezos on the road will teach us everything we will need to know to setup your own bakery !! no specific tech/crypto skills are required !!!
(*) baking: the art of building and validating the blocks of the Tezos network (and earn some tezzies by doing it)
(**) tezzies: commonly referred as the Tezos

Program of the events:
• Brief introduction about the blockchain concept and Tezos main features, then we jump into the practical work
• Install linux OS and a modern fully operational desktop, no frills, lightweight, security conscious setup.
• Install and run a Tezos node (mainnet***). Updated Tezos blockchain data will be supplied. Syncing of the node should take <1 hr
• Learn basic command line Tezos functionality, you’ll create implicit and originate accounts, make real XTZ transfers and set your
account to be ready to start baking!
• Setup of Galleon wallet from Cryptonomic linked to the local node and delegate to your own baking account.
• Bring your hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) and learn how to store the Tezos keys and how to install the application developed by
Obsidian Systems to bake safely with the keys always kept in the hardware wallet

(***) mainnet: the real Tezos network that works with real tezzies

Places are limited – You will need to send us a confirmation by mail at [masked] specify the brussels event with your name, your background and your operating system and CPU/RAM (to make sure that your config is ready for the day) to validate your inscription and receive more information about the day !!!

Catering service will be arranged for brunch and after the event.

Tezos on the road is an initiative is sponsored and supported by Tezos Commons Foundation.

donations are welcome: tz1c5RVE4M3dmEMaucb3FmBw3WhzX7mUfmCN