is the easiest way to start building decentralized blockchain apps. If you want to discover a new way of building dapp without the hassle of getting to know the inner working of a blockchain but with all the benefits of the technology come and join us !

Here is the agenda :

– 18h – 18h30 Welcome (foods and drinks 🙂 )

– 18h30 to 18h45 Decentralizing applications with blockstack (by friedger)

– 18h45 to 19h15 Talk by Avthar, Felix, and Richard the founders of
Afari is a decentralized social media platform that aims to give you more control over your data and privacy and reward you for creating quality content that others enjoy. Afari was created while the three were finishing
their senior year at Princeton, where they all studied Computer Science and did research in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

– 19h15 – 20h00 Workshop Let’s build a dapp with blockstack (by

The venue is very large but if you want to be seated for the workshop we have around 30 seats. together with onepoint is proud to be part of the blockstack world tour and help organizing the bruxelles stop 🙂