On Monday, July 10, we will hold our 3rd Meetup in Ghent. The Meetup in Dutch will be a combination of speeches exploring blockchain for the sharing economy and the music industry. It will be followed by discussion roundtables and a short plenary summarizing the group discussions.

!!This meetup will be held in Dutch!!

>> Inschrijvingen via deze link

>> Agenda

16:30 – Opening
16:50 – Inleiding; Jean-Luc Verhelst en Joris Luyckx
17:00 – Blockchain introductie; Thomas Marckx, The Ledger
17:30 – Blockchain in de muziekindustrie; Raf Ganseman, CGI
18:00 – Blockchain en sharing economy / social good; Francis Chlarie, Hexalina
18:30 – Break
18:45 – Rondetafelgesprekken op basis van thema
19:30 – Samenvatting van gesprekken
20:00 – Networking
21:00 – Einde