Blockchainhub Brussels is a think-tank and information platform connecting people around Blockchain in Belgium.
Blockchainhub Brussels is an independent non profit node of the global Blockchainhub network. Our mission articulates around 4 axis:

# Vision

Spread the idea of decentralised technologies like blockchain and other technologies that build on top and around blockchain. Empower a more efficient & transparent p2p-economy and p2p-society.

# Activities

Centralize and advertise events related to Blockchain on the Belgian territory.
Funnel and spread quality information linked to people or corporations based in Belgium.

# Mission

Increase the understanding of distributed ledger technologies by informing, clarifying and raising awareness. Make it accessible to the general public.
Be an interdisciplinary think-tank and foster a breeding ground for game changing startups.

# Governance

Traditional command & control top down management styles do not work well in a decentralized world. We therefore research & apply decentralized governance structures & tools in our Network of Hubs (i.e. Holacracy).

The quality of our team and the information we spread are our first concern. We are non-profit.

What is Blockchain?


If the internet we use today is the internet of information, blockchain is the internet of value that has the potential to fundamentally transform business, economy & society as we know it. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is considered by many to be the next big thing. A game changer that allows us to decentralise trust, creating the basis for a peer-to-peer economy, powered by auto enforceable smart contracts.

Smart Contracts

Transactions on the blockchain through these smart contracts are in many cases faster & cheaper and more secure than transactions that classically run through neural central authorities. These Smart Contracts are an integral part of well as dApps (Decentralized Applications) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

The Decentralized Web

Together with other decentralized protocols like IPFS & SWARM (decentralized file storage), Whisper (Decentralized Messaging), Social Linked Data and many more, Blockchain is contributing to the next generation of the internet, the decentralized web, or web 3.0.

More Info

Check our extensive set of resources our global page for more info: Glossary/Slides/Videos and many more…

Latest News

Meetup #2

Hi all, On June 19, we will organize our second Meetup that will propose two streams. The first stream is will help you understand how bitcoin transfers work under the hood and show you how to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Aymerick Tordeurs will animate this...

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KBC is testing Blockchain

KBC, a Belgian Bank, is experimenting with Blockchain and received some attention in the Belgian press. Click here for the article in Dutch Have a good read! BlockchainHub...

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Give your event visibility

One of our key ambitions is to list all public events around Blockchain in Brussels and in Belgium. To facilitate this, BlockchainHub Brussels created an Event page listing all upcoming events. You can now list (your/an) event on our website, propose to become a...

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Meet the Team

Interdisciplinary think tank focusing on new solutions for business & society. Breeding ground for game changing economic & political concepts.
Aymerick Tordeurs

Aymerick Tordeurs


Aymerick is managing the daily activities of the BlockchainHub Brussels.
He is a last year student at the Louvain School of Management and is writing his Master thesis on Blockchain. He will intern at SWIFT where he will work on Blockchain.

Jean-Luc Verhelst

Jean-Luc Verhelst


Jean-Luc is the founder of BlockchainHub Brussels.
He holds a BSc in IT-Management and a MSc degree in Management. In 2014, his master thesis on Bitcoin was awarded by ING as best financial thesis of Belgium.
Jean-Luc now works as a strategy consultant and he regularly speaks at Blockchain conferences. He will publish a book on Bitcoin by End 2016.


Alexander Vasylchenko

New names will be announced soon.

If you have an interest and would like to play an active role in shaping the Blockchain community in Belgium, do not hesitate to reach out.


New names will be announced soon.

If you have an interest and would like to play an active role in shaping the Blockchain community in Belgium, do not hesitate to reach out.

We are not actively recruiting. However, we are interested in a large set of profiles who can contribute in thinking about a decentralized world. Examples include but are not limited to IT developers, economists, cryptographers, sociologists, start-ups, regulators, etc.

If you are interested in a decentralized experience, do not hesitate to reach out at brussels@blockchainhub.net

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