Blockchain has the potential to transform sectors as wide ranging as insurance, supply chain management, utilities, financial services and public institutions. The theme of ESA-BA’s new funding opportunity is blockchain. They are looking for new ways to maximise business opportunities and the technical viability of blockchain applications through space enabled technology. This could include Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation or Human Space Flight Technology. The blockchain kick start activity is a new funding opportunity for companies with the aim of driving forward a new generation of the internet- the internet of value.

How Can Space Technologies Benefit Blockchain?

Data collected via space technologies could transform the development of blockchain applications, improving cost-effectiveness, accuracy and reliability. For example, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) could help blockchain applications which require geographical referencing such as asset tracking for supply chain management. In addition, satellite imagery could generate evidence for insurance purposes, providing images to assess the damage caused by natural disasters to aid the claims process. Satellite communication has the potential to extend coverage for blockchain service users in areas with limited infrastructure, as well as transferring blockchain data flows without the need for on-board processing. This will streamline blockchain transactions, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The Application Process

This funding is open to any public organisation or commercial group operating in any of the ESA member states. A maximum of €60,000 will be awarded to successful projects. Companies wishing to apply must complete an online questionnaire, download the tender documentation and create a ‘Bidder Restricted Area’. Potential applicants must also supply a written proposal by the 8th April 2019.  If your company is based outside of the UK, Ireland, Norway or Germany, you may need to provide a letter from your national delegation.

About ESA Business Applications Funding

ESA BA offer funding, support and advice to companies and groups aspiring to use space-enabled technologies to develop new commercial services. This includes zero-equity funding, access to their extensive network and personalised project management support.  For further information on the types of funding available, visit the ESA-BA funding page.