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Cryptography & Blockchain – Part 1

Where does the crypto in cryptoeconomics or cryptocurrencies com from? The original Bitcoin Blockchain protocol introduced the concept of Cryptoeconomics, a combination of cryptography and economics to create robust, fault tolerant and attack resistant decentralized...

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Token Valuation Canvas

2017 has been the year of ICOs, with more than 3,6 Bio USD of token sales funded so far. While ICOs and tokens are getting a lot of attention from private and institutional investors, most investors are struggling with how to evaluate all these new tokens on the...

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Scaling Ethereum

Public Permissionless Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum that use proof-of-work consensus mechanism currently lack scalability. The consensus mechanisms make sure that their networks are safe (attack and collusion resistant), but slow. Depending on the type of...

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How to setup an ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Total ICO funding for 2017 has surpassed $3 billion in October. Startups all over the world are looking into raising money by conducting crowdfunding campaigns on the blockchain. With the number of ICO campaigns on the rise, the community is facing high competition...

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Identity as a Bottleneck for Blockchain

The Road to Self Sovereign Identity Blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to radically reduce transaction costs and cut out the middle man. However, it is important to recognise that any structural fulfilment of this potential relies on first solving the...

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Disrupting Organisations with Blockchain

By: Shermin Voshmgir Blockchain's biggest potential is to disrupt governance of public and private organizations alike. Following paper gives an overview and general introduction to the topic and has been published in a special edition of the journal Strategic Change....

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Mapping the German Blockchain Ecosystem

Latest Map Update: 19.01.2018 Together with Bundesblock we mapped out the German blockchain ecosystem. This map only reflects companies and institutions who exclusively work on Blockchain or other Web3 solutions. If you are a German startup offering...

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How to find a blockchain developer?

The shortage of talent in the blockchain space has become a concern for many companies. While this type of shortage is typical in the early phases of every technology there are some differences in this case: many seasoned developers in the crypto community also...

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How to participate in an ICO?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or token sales are gaining a lot of attention, from institutional investors and individuals alike. ICOs are referred to the new IPOs or next generation crowdfunding. But the blockchain ecosystem is still young and lacks...

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Investing in Bitcoin FAQ

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin for the first time, many questions come up. We will try to address the most common questions people ask in our Bitcoin Investment FAQ. Can I buy less than 1 Bitcoin? What is BTC? What is one satoshi? Is there a Bitcoin supply...

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Investing in Bitcoin – What you need to know!

If you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take your time to read this blog post if you consider investing serious amounts into Bitcoin. It seems that most newbies assume that prices will go up no matter what, hoping to jump on the bandwagon of extreme price...

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