Ric from Pey will join us and present two exciting Blockchain use cases he is working on:

Monday, Dec 5, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
Waldemarstrasse 37a, 10999 Berlin, Hinterhaus, 3rd Floor Ring @ Ethdev UG

Hafven’s Decentralized Facility Management
How can you reduce the effort to maintain and administer large facilities? Hafven, one of the largest co-working and maker spaces in Germany, will soon achieve this by motivating the community to do such certain facility management tasks. By offering incentives in the form of Hafven’s internal crypto currency, everyone is motivated to help maintain and administer the whole space. Tasks range from bringing out the trash to organising community events that are placed in a decentralised marketplace. In the end, the community can choose to spend the crypto currency at Hafven’s own Café or use it to pay for rent.

Get Rid of your Mobile Internet Contract 
Does everyone need a mobile internet contract? At the moment, yes. But hopefully not any longer in the future! What would it be like if everyone could open its devices (smartphones, routers, etc) for everyone and earn money for sharing? Creating a decentralised, autonomous organisation which rewards its members for transferring data packages within a mesh network could be the solution to over come the large infrastructure investments required by todays telecommunication providers and serve new markets in non-developed regions.

About Ric
Ricardo Ferrer Rivero was born in Venezuela. At the age of 9 his family moved to the USA, where he went to school for several years engaging himself in programming, technology and the internet. At the end of 2003 he moved to Germany to pursue studies in business informatics. In the last 6 years he founded a series of companies: the coworking space “Edelstall” (merged into “Hafven”), cloud storage service “doctape” (acquired by Atlassian), an investment firm called “533 AG”, “PEY”, a blockchain mobile payments system and most recently “VRTX Labs”, a sandbox for enterprise real-time data visualisation in virtual / augmented reality.