In anticipation of Berlin Blockchain week, we’ve partnered with The Ethereum Foundation to host our monthly meetup in Germany. Join us as we deep-dive into the fundamentals of designing token-economic systems.

We invite blockchain enthusiasts, developers, academics and thought-leaders to engage for an evening of great conversations and networking.

5pm: Grab a beer on arrival

5:15pm: Welcome & Opening notes

5:20pm: Angela Kreitenweis, Co-founder at TokenEngineering Berlin – Why tokens will revolutionize economies in the 21st century.

5:40: Paul Kohlhaas, Founder at Molecule Protocol – Token bonding curves & Open-sourcing the development of Pharmaceutical IP.

6pm: Wayne van Niekerk, Community Manager at Protea: Incentivising sustainable community engagement with Protea Gather.

6:20pm: Q&A

6:30pm: Announcements & Networking

About Molecule:
The Molecule Protocol is an open platform being developed by a Swiss non-profit foundation, led by an international team comprised of scientists, economists and software engineers. The protocol enables new economic incentive models for distributed research and development. We leverage open science and blockchain technology to create a fair and accountable market-based platform for discovery and funding of pharmaceutical intellectual property.

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