Join us for our April Meetup at Spieldfeld! Doors open at 19:00 and presentations begin at 19:30. We’ll have time for questions, discussion, and networking. As always, there will food and drink.

“Hello yes, this is runtime” – Bastian Köcher, Core Developer, Parity Technologies
When developing with Substrate, the main logic of your Blockchain is implemented in the so called runtime. To support calling into the runtime in a safe and easy way, we provide tools that help you to define an api for your runtime. This talk will show you how to use these tools and what happens under the hood for you.

“Substrate Light-Client UI” – Luke Schoen, Core Developer, Parity Technologies
Basic introduction to using the simple Substrate light-client user interface.

“Presentation of KILT” – Ingo Rübe CEO of Botlabs & Marton Csernai
KILT is a protocol enabling a fully decentralized claim based Trust Market using blockchain technology. By placing claim standardization at the center it provides interoperability between different internet services and applications.

We will also host an open mic for anyone who wants to present any projects they have been working on. We look forward to hearing what you have been up to!


This event is organized by Parity Technologies. Some of what we’re working on:

– Substrate, the blockchain-building framework:

– Polkadot, an interoperable network of blockchains for decentralized services and applications:

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