Democratizing Data with Ocean Data Exchange Protocol (Trent McConaghy)

Society is becoming increasingly reliant on data, especially with the advent of AI. However, a small handful of organizations with both massive datasets and AI capabilities have become powerful with control that is a danger to a free and open society.

Ocean Protocol aims to unlock data, for more equitable outcomes for users of data, using a thoughtful application of both technology and governance. It is a decentralized data exchange protocol that makes data available for everyone with privacy, security, control, transparency and compliance.

Cosmos: Many Chains, Many Tokens, One Ecosystem (Brian Fabian Crain)

Talk on how Tendermint and Cosmos together create the Internet of Blockchains.

Blockchain as a social system – design of the Neufund platform and its tokens (Marcin Rudolf)

Blockchain is much more than crypto currencies – those are just one of its applications. It continues what internet did to communication and society. 

To me blockchain is a mechanism through people can interact: they can make transaction without trusting each other personally. On Ethereum blockchain those interactions happen via smart contracts which define rules, behaviors and incentives of people using them. In this talk I’d like to show how Neufund smart contract system is designed with special focus on our tokens: NEU that incentives investment and Equity Tokens that allows to fund a project without killing it business.

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