The 3rd Interledger Workshop & Hackathon will be held in Berlin as part of the Blockchain Expo, co-hosted by Ripple, BigchainDB, and Everis. Come see a payment between Ethereum and XRP, learn about the latest developments with the protocol, and learn how you can get set up with your own ILP Kit.

Interledger is the protocol for connecting ledgers. It enables payments and micropayments across different blockchains and other ledgers. Find out more on

June 1 – Presentations about Interledger and how it’s being used today.

June 2 – Bring your laptop to come work on Interledger-related projects! We’ll be working on improving the Ethereum plugin, starting Lightning and Zcash plugins, and playing with micropayment use cases.

If you’re interested, please register (free) at:¬†

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