DAO.Casino is an ethereum-based blockchain protocol for gambling. On May 25th Ksenya Bellman from DAO.Casino will be in Vienna and talk about their project:


Ethereum allows to implement provably fair gambling games that don’t rely on a trusted third party.

We believe that it can be taken a step further, beyond just individual games, and that it is possible to design and build system that caters for online gambling industry – not just games, but the entire business logic behind it, and that’s what our team has been working on.

Our project is a decentralised public Ethereum based system for gambling industry – DAO.Casino.

The goal of such system is to replace major trust related bottlenecks between all the participants.

DAO.Casino consists of a) an automated value distribution protocol acting as a mechanism of incentives and expressed in a system of Ethereum contracts b) a system that is capable of providing equally unpredictable pseudorandom numbers for the games.

Since the beginning of this year our team designed the architecture and implemented a number of components of a reward system, a pseudorandom number generation method for two players (the casino and the player) developed and integrated a number of test games, and released a test front end platform. We are planning to release an MVP with a fully functioning reward system in summer this year. Since this is work in progress any feedback and constructive criticism from fellow Ethereum enthusiasts is very valuable. We are also constantly looking for new collaborators.

DAO.Casino protocol can be used by existing online casino operators, if they choose to play fair, and lay a foundation for a completely different gambling industry – much more open (i.e. P2P marketplace for game developers) but with much higher standards of customer protection that exists now in the online gambling.

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