There will be free beer & pizza beforehand. Thanks BlueYard! 🙂

Talk 1: Ocean.init()

Speaker: Tim Daubenschütz

Abstract: BigchainDB and DEX are proud to demo what could be called a first Proof of Concept for Ocean Protocol. In collaboration with Ocean’s first customer, we developed a platform to allow stake-based on-premise computation to unlock the potential of mobility and healthcare data. Length: 30 min.

Bio: First getting involved in 2013, Tim’s contributions to the blockchain space focus around intellectual property, self-sovereign data and identity. He has devoted his career to work on the core technology underpinning blockchain. Tim joined as a full-stack developer, spent the better half of 2015 figuring out how to map intellectual property rights into immutable ledgers with COALA IP, before ultimately taking on the role of VP engineering at BigchainDB. 

Talk 2: Impactful Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Amir Banifatemi

Abstract: With large parts of our lives being influenced by AI, it is critical that we identify and enable frameworks so that government, industry, academia, civil society, startups, and everyone can work together ensuring that AI benefits all of humanity. Data being at the core of AI progress, how can we focus on enabling immediately useful applications that promotes decentralized and yet impactful use of data while at the same time ensuring privacy, ethics, security and transparency of AI systems collaborating with humans. Length: 25 min.

Bio: Amir Banifatemi is an entrepreneur, investor, and innovation strategist. He leads the AI initiative with the XPRIZE foundation, and curates the AI for Good Global Summit with the ITU and UN Agencies. He has managed two venture capital funds and continues to support and advise companies with an focus on exponential technologies, AI, Blockchain, and Neurosciences, and advocates democratic access to innovation for all.

He holds a Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne, a Doctorate in System Design and Cognitive Sciences from the University Paris Descartes, as well as an MBA from HEC Paris.

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