This time innogy Innovation Hub @SpaceShack is our host. We plan to open doors at 6:45 PM. There will be free beer & pizza beforehand.

Talk 1: Integrating the eXpandable AI network with the Ocean Protocol for enterprise use cases.

Speaker: Leif-Nissen Lundbæk

Abstract: Announcing the partnership of XAIN and Ocean Protocol, in which XAIN will showcase its integration to the Ocean Protocol from a high level architectural point of view and then break it down to different industrial use cases that leverage the power of Ocean and the artificial intelligence components of the XAIN network.

Bio: Leif-Nissen founded the XAIN AG as a resulting startup of his PhD thesis at Imperial College London and his Master project at University of Oxford. His work focuses mainly on the trusted computing through Reinforcement Learning in cryptographic systems such as blockchains.

Talk 2: Proofed Curation Markets and Token-Curated Identities in Ocean Protocol

Speaker: Trent McConaghy

Abstract: In this talk, I describe Ocean’s token mechanics via step-by-step examples of how users earn tokens by curating data and making it available, in a Proofed Curation Market (PCM) setting. I also describe Ocean’s approach to identity, which leverages Token-Curated Registries (TCR) on actors.

Bio: Trent work on AI & optimization research for two decades, including AI to help drive Moore’s Law. For the last several years he’s worked on blockchain, focusing on democratizing data via Ocean decentralized data economy for AI, BigchainDB decentralized database, and advising the Estonia E-residency program.

Talk 3 : A surprise 🙂

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