This time innogy Innovation Hub @SpaceShack is our host. We plan to open doors at 6:45 PM. There will be free beer & pizza beforehand.

Talk 1: Ocean Protocol – It’s all about the data…

Speaker: Don Gossen

Abstract: We know that access to data is critical to improving AI efficacy, but what does this actually mean? This talk will discuss how Ocean Protocol wants to approach the challenges of data access for AI. Length: 35 mins.

Bio: Don Gossen is the head and co-founder of Ocean Protocol. Prior to joining the team, he spent his time wrangling data for some of the largest companies on the planet.

Talk 2: Ocean token distribution

Speaker: Bruce Pon

Abstract: Details on the upcoming pre-launch and public distribution of Ocean tokens. Length: 25 mins.

Bio: Bruce Pon is the co-founder of Ocean Protocol, BigchainDB and ascribe. Prior to working in blockchain, he helped to build a dozen banks around the globe.

Talk 3: What could a data economy token be worth?

Speaker: Ricardo Garcia

Abstract: Fundamental analysis is crucial to understand the value drivers of an underlying ecosystem. This presentation will talk about our analysis of the global data economy and ecosystem, its market potential and a potential valuation for a data economy token used within this data economy. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the global data economy and valuation techniques for tokens. Length: 30 mins.

Bio: Ricardo currently works as a Business Developer for BigchainDB. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance and International Management and previously worked in Strategy Consulting at Ernst & Young and Equity Trading at UBS.

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