There will be free beer & pizza beforehand. Thanks BlueYard! ūüôā

Talk 1: Role Based Access Control for BigchainDB Assets

Speaker: Gautam Dhameja

Abstract:¬†An overview of how we defined an RBAC¬†sub-system based on BigchainDB primitives to enable restricted¬†write access in BigchainDB based blockchains. It’s also about how we brought together some concepts from conventional distributed systems to the blockchain world. Length: 40 mins.¬†

Bio: Gautam is an Application Engineer with BigchainDB and works on designing and delivering blockchain based solutions. He enjoys dark roast, french press coffee and a well-sharpened pencil.

Talk 2: ICOs  Рchances and challenges in the token markets

Speaker: Max Lautenschläger

Abstract: ICOs are gaining more and more traction. What are the chances and risks associated with it? How does tokenization change the early stage investment universe and can equity one day be displaced? Imagine a world with tokenized enterprises. Length: 30 mins. 

Bio: Venture Developer and blockchain enthusiast with years of experience in Consulting, Company Building, Venture Capital, FinTech and Private Equity. BA in controlling, MBA and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. Co-Founder and Sourcing Director of Iconiq Lab, an ICO accelerator program for blockchain startups.

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