At Conscious Fintech Meetup Berlin experts from banking, financial technologies and social entrepreneurship meet to critically discuss, question and inspire the recent mainstream FinTech developments.

Conscious FinTech #4 – Our Roadmap to Conscious FinTech

After a long break, we are finally back! We have increased our team in order to provide you with the best possible overview of the world of FinTech and Alternative Finance.

We will get you inspired by our guest speaker, introduce you to our new goals and engage you in a discussion about the things which are important to you as our community. 


19.30 – Opening and Introduction. 
19.40 – I. Speech of a Visioneer – The Big Picture.
20.00 – II. Meetup Review and Perspective.
20.30 – III. Elements of a Roadmap to Conscious Fintech. 
20.45 – IV. Co-Creating a Common Roadmap.
21.55 – Wrap Up: Outcomes and Future Steps.
22.00 – Drinks and Networking.


“Institute for Social Banking”


Organisation & Moderation: 

Sanika Hufeland (Institute for Social Banking), Markus Duscha (Fair Finance Institute), Pola Vayner (Adjust), Ludwig Schuster (Sustainable Money Working Group), Konstantin Wolf (Zebralog), Jan Bohnhorst (Techspace).


Institute for Social Banking 

Fair Finance Institute 


Impact – Hub


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