Talk 1: innogy’s Digital Product Memory project “Twin of Things” seeks to give every product a story (40 min)

Speaker: Michael Rüther

Abstract: innogy has formed a unique and open IoT and supply chain ecosystem to bring the vision into reality. It provides the trusted layer for the digital twin of any object and enbaling industry 4.0. The focus is on developing tools and applications for the IoT space, using a blockchain, based on BigchainDB’s decentralized database, as the guarantor of identity, authenticity, and provenance. In partnership with other enterprises innogy gets new ideas to live, in order to demonstrate through concrete examples the capabilities and potentials of blockchain as it relates to physical assets, objects, machines and devices.

Dr. Michael Rüther is project manager for the Machine Economy Innovation Lighthouse at innogy SE, and driving the Twin of Things project. He holds a degree in industrial engineer with a PhD in business informatics from University of Paderborn. Prior to supporting innogy SE, Dr. Rüther worked for major energy and mechanical engineering companies.

Talk 2: Telling the story of this marvellous journey (40 min)

Speaker: William James Chitangala


The first part of this talk tells the story of how through the initiative of Michael, Thomas and Carsten (of innogy) we created the use cases in collaboration with BigchainDB, Riddle&Code and Marius Goebel. Here, I will talk about our basic assumptions, some features and make some remarks also about the skillset that is required to emulate such result. 

The second part breaks down why I had to go back to the drawing board. What is the general state of the fashion industry? And why do we need to start discussing ideas and doing things with people outside of the “traditional” blockchain communities and apply a more polymathic approach on this technology.


William J Chitangala, entrepreneur, currently works on LungoTavolo, an avant garde fashion house based in Turin, Italy.

His focus lies on luxury innovation. He believes the blockchain technology can be a creative facilitator and serve as a new canvas for artists and designers. William’s goal is to create a more aesthetic human experience with the help of technology.

William is member of the Brand Africa Youth Board, a leading pan-African council which promotes youth leadership in Africa and its diaspora. He has also been involved in the student entrepreneurship initiatives Gründermagnet and Entrepreneurs Club Aschaffenburg, as marketing head to actively create awareness and approval for entrepreneurship on and off campus.

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