This time we are going to host our meetup in the R&D Coffee Bar. There will be free beer and pizza!

Talk 1: What’s New in BigchainDB 2.0?

Speaker: Troy McConaghy

Abstract: The latest release of BigchainDB has many changes, including a really major one: it’s now Byzantine fault tolerant! Troy will talk about that and other changes. For example, did you know that you can now write an arbitrary MongoDB query to query the stored data? Troy will tell all. Length: 30 min.

Bio: Troy has been working for BigchainDB and ascribe since 2015. Before that he was a virtual worlds developer, a rocket scientist, a physics major and a pig farmer.

Furthermore, we will have three shorter talks by guys from Kryha:

Minitalk 1: – Drones on blockchain: A decentral hivemind powered by BigchainDB 2.0
Speaker: Haischel Dabian, CTO & co-founder of Kryha

Minitalk 2: Deploying BigchainDB 2.0.0a1 and 2.0.0a2 on single board computers
Speaker: Dan Acristinii, Head of R&D at Kryha, also DevSecOps

Minitalk 3: and the Future of Grex
Speaker: Tobias Disse, CEO and co-founder of Kryha

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