First of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Start will be at 7:00pm

While the last meetups where rather business oriented, this time we want to return to a technical perspective of Blockchain technology.

Topic 1 – Welcome and some insights to Austrias first project for a public Blockchain by Thomas Zeinzinger (lab10 collective)
Thomas will give a short intro about the BlockchainHub network and then talk about the current work done towards the first in Austria initiated public Blockchain built by the lab10 collective.

Topic 2 – Real Live Use Cases of Blockchain by Dr. Peter Teufl (A-SIT)
Peter is the GM of A-SIT Plus, a TU Graz IAIK spin-off, which provided the cryptographic know-how and IT-Security competence for building the system for the Austrian finance administration used for cash-registers since last year (Stichwort: “Registrierkasse”).

You might know that this system uses basically a Blockchain without all the other things needed for a cryptocurrency. We will get a technical insight to this practical application of Blockchain logic and how you can think of it as one part of a toolbox to build use-case specific applications. Also other use-cases and technological challenges will be touched by Peter, so that you should get a better view beyond the hype. Looking forward to see you!

Your BlockchainHub Graz team: Thomas, Didi, Sandra, Max, Bernhard and Tom

Further Links:
BlockchainHub Graz, & lab10 collective,

PS: Presentation will be in English or German, depending on participants.

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