Weekly Digest Vol. 7. The weekly digest covers the latest topics, news, and articles from the blockchain space where we collect the trending headlines from the past week. The summary is divided into four sections: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and a special focus on a topic of our choice.


  • Mysterium to build blockchain-based VPN for secure, private internet connection: Read More (medium.com)
  • Dutch national blockchain coalition presents action agenda: Read More (the-blockchain.com)
  • Announcing the Town Crier Service(technical): Read More (hackingdistributed.com)
  • The difference between protocol tokens and traditional asset tokens: Read More (linkedin.com)
  • European parliament foresees impact of blockchain on peoples’ daily lives: Read More (cryptocoinsnews.com)


  • For first time, Bitcoin accounts for less than half of market cap of all cryptocurrencies: Read More (forbes.com)
  • Bitcoin is just $100 away from doubling its price in 2017: Read More (coindesk.com)
  • Xapo to pass on Bitcoin network fees to users: Read More (coindesk.com)
  • The currency of the future has a settlement problem: Read More (ftalphaville.ft.com)


  • How a Bitcoin clone helped a company raise $12 Million in 12 Minutes: Read More (wsj.com)
  • How blockchain-based identity could change digital marketing: Read More (martechtoday.com)
  • DAO startup Aragon raises $25 million in under fifteen minutes: Read More (financemagnates.com)
  • Ireland’s big banks pilot domestic payments on Ethereum-based blockchain: Read More (cryptocoinsnews.com)
  • Regulating Ethereum? EU Parliament weighs blockchain’s big issues: Read More (coindesk.com)


SPECIAL FOCUS: Blockchain and Law

  • Who Controls the Blockchain? Read More (hbr.com)
  • 7 interesting laws blockchain will force to change: Read More (thenextweb.com)
  • Blockchain technology will transform the practice of law: Read More (bol.bna.com)