Weekly Digest Vol. 5. The weekly Sunday digest covers the latest topics, news, and articles from the blockchain space where we collect the trending headlines from the past week. The summary is divided into four sections: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and a special focus on a topic of our choice.


  • University of Melbourne first in Australia to use blockchain for student records. Read More (arf.com)
  • Are national currencies headed to the blockchain? Read More (forbes.com)
  • Lockheed Martin bets on blockchain for cybersecurity. Read More (cnet.com)
  • Financial technology is proving less of a battleground than feared. Read More (economist.com)
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co quits blockchain consortium R3. Read More (coinspeaker.com)
  • UN Commission: Blockchain can help struggling banks in Latin America. Read More (cointelegraph.com)
  • IBM’s Jerry Cuomo on everything from blockchain security to hyperledger to the Internet Of Things. Read More (forbes.com)
  • Blockchain based electricity management pilot coming to Europe. Read More (bravenewcoin.com)


  • Mexico’s government officials discuss plans to regulate Bitcoin. Read More (news.bitcoin.com)
  • Bitcoin tops $1,600 for the first time. Read More (businessinsider.com)
  • Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell on the potential hurdles to better privacy in Bitcoin. Read More (coinjournal.net)
  • Craig Wright’s new company is building a Bitcoin Core competitor. Read More (coindesk.com)
  • Over 10 new Bitcoin exchanges set to launch in Japan. Read More (cryptocoinsnews.com)


  • A subsidiary of RWE, one of Germany’s biggest energy and gas provider with 30 million customers and billions of revenue, has launched 100s of electronic vehicles (EV) charging stations all over Germany, connected to Ethereum’s public blockchain. Read More (trustnodes.com)
  • A branch of the UN just launched Its first large-scale Ethereum test. Read More (coindesk.com)
  • Rise of Ethereum: A new Blockchain juggernaut. Read More (huffingtonpost.com)
  • Ethereum meets Zcash? Why IPFS plans a multi-blockchain browser. Read More (coindesk.com)
  • Now, an Ethereum search engine for the decentralized web. Read More (cryptocoinsnews.com)
  • What does $100 Ether mean? Read More (steemit.com)
  • Introducing Register.eth — online identities linked to Ethereum. Read More (medium.com)


SPECIAL FOCUS: Blockchain and healthcare

  • Using blockchain to secure and share health data. Read More (corrs.com.au)
  • Blockchain and healthcare privacy laws just don’t mix. Read More (healthcareitnews.com)
  • 9 things to know about blockchain in healthcare. Read More (beckershospitalreview.com)
  • Blockchain for health data and its potential use in health IT and health care related research. Read More (healthit.gov)
  • Blockchain Technology: The solution for healthcare interoperability. Read More (linkedin.com)