Weekly Digest Vol. 10. The weekly digest covers the latest topics, news, and articles from the blockchain space where we collect the trending headlines from the past week. The summary is divided into four sections: Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and a special focus on a topic of our choice.


  • Forget far-right populism – crypto-anarchists are the new masters: Read More (theguardian.com)
  • Crypto Tokens: A breakthrough in open network design: Read More (medium.com)
  • The combination of A.I. & Blockchain could revolutionise these 10 industries: Read More (topbots.com)
  • Blockchain, technology behind Bitcoin, emerges as key tool in food safety battle: Read More (japantimes.com)
  • Bank execs now bullish on public blockchains, survey finds: Read More (americanbanker.com)
  • BP, Wien Energie complete blockchain energy trading trial: Read More (coindesk.com)
  • Data61 reports blockchain will have a profound impact on the economy: Read More (afr.com)
  • Private capital market ecosystems meet the blockchain: Read More (nasdaq.com)
  • Nevada just became the first state to squash blockchain taxes: Read More (ibtimes.com)


  • Bitcoin start-up Coinbase is looking to raise money at a $1 billion valuation, says report: Read More (cnbc.com)
  • India cracks down on illegal Bitcoin activities while considering regulations: Read More (news.bitcoin.com)
  • AT&T patents Bitcoin-based subscriber server: Read More (bitcoinist.com)
  • Japanese airline to install BTM’s and introduce its own Bitcoin wallet: Read More (news.bitcoin.com)
  • Romania’s central bank warns of Bitcoin volatility: Read More (cryptocoinsnews.com)


  • Singaporean dollar tokenised through Ethereum’s blockchain by the Monetary Authority of Singapore: Read More (trustnodes.com)
  • Vladimir Putin is getting Interested in Bitcoin’s biggest rival: Read More (bloomberg.com)
  • Bitcoin is at risk of no longer being the biggest digital currency: Read More (bloomberg.com)


SPECIAL FOCUS: Are cryptocurrencies in a bubble? 

  • What if the bitcoin bubble bursts?: Read More (economist.com)
  • What the hell is happening to cryptocurrency valuations?: Read More (techcrunch.com)
  • Three thoughts on the “crypto bubble”: Read More (medium.com)
  • Some lessons I learned from the Dotcom bubble for the coming crypto bubble: Read More (continuations.com)
  • Bubble? So what? Token Summit marks cryptocurrency’s revitalization: Read More (forbes.com)
  • Cryptocurrency is a bubble: Read More (forbes.com)
  • 5 steps of a bubble: Read More (investopedia.com)