As many of you already know BlockchainHub is a network of independent hubs that advocate blockchain & the decentralized web. We are happy to announce that over the summer we on-boarded 3 new hubs in our network. All three hubs have been active in their local communities for years now:

  • Oslo
    The Kasbah Hub has joined the network as an associate hub. They set up the first Bitcoin ATM in Norway and organize local blockchain related meetups. Acitive members of The Kasbah Hub are: Marie Andrea (Co-Founder), Therese Helland (Co-Founder), Vincent Olislagers and Caleb Skinner.
  • Sofia
    Sofia is represented by Cryptocrowd which has been active in the blockchain space for many years organizing local meetups and conferences. Sofia is led by Vladislav Dramaliev who is also marketing & community manager of the aeternity project.
  • Vienna
    RIAT (Research Institute for Art & Technology) is an institute for research, development, communication, and education in the fields of crypto-economics, the blockchain, experimental artistic technology and open hardware. RIAT is joining as an associate hub, and it is represented by Matthias Tarasiewicz, Ralph Pichler, Paul Rieger, Markus Zimmermann.

A warm welcome to our new members!
We are looking forward to future partnerships and cooperations.

If you are interested in becoming part of our network please read our onboarding documentation.

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