The vision of Blockchain is to disintermediate and decentralize. But the question of how such governance could look like in a decentralized world has not been sufficiently discussed. In a decentralized community  no one single entity can make a descision without the majority of the community agreeing. How is a mass of non-experts supposed to decide on expert issues if they don’t have relevant and necessary info?What off chain tools will we need to make decentralized governance more than just a sexy buzzword? So how can community members form their decisions? How can we make sure that not the loudest voice in the (chat)room wins the argument, but the most competent source? What we can learn from the last few months is that we as a blockchain community will need to work on these tools because they are not here yet. So far the focus was on building the blockchains and making smart contracts work, the rest was neglected. This is why we have started a local working group.

Work Group Members (preliminary)
Elad Verbin
Cristian Serb
Mick Halsband
Shermin Voshmgir

Upcoming Meetings
First Session: November 17, 2016
Next Session: December 1, 2016
January 2017: Meetup organized as a round table (tba) presenting our findings and inviting everyone interested to join the discussion:
February 2017: Decentralized Governance Hackathon (tba) Full day Hackathon. We invite all social & tech hackers interested to participate in the full day event.