We’ve been busy and we want to update you on the next steps towards the Hackathon. Join us for our third and last Meetup. The events leading up to use case experimentation will focus on the development of building blocks for a new form of social paradigm called Nature 2.0 and to join us at our Nature 2.0 track at the world biggest Blockchain Hackathon:

As always, refreshments and food are on us.
Doors open at 6:30pm, we are starting at 7:00pm sharp. Pizza and beers on us!

Dimitri De Jonghe | The Road to Nature2.0: Self-actualization

Talk 1: From Human Enhancement Technologies to Nature Enhancement Technologies
Clement Bihorel | Blockchain Reseacher Weeve & NBT AG

Talk 2: Showcase: Real DAO’s Community
Nave Rachman | Head of Business Development at DAOstack

Talk 3: On Self-Sovereign Free-Range Algorithms
Elad Verbin | Lead Scientist & Founding Partner at Berlin Innovation Ventures

Talk 4: Autonomous Artificial Artist
Gene Kogan | Researcher Sourcestone

Nature 2.0 aims for an ownerless layer of natural resources and intelligent agents that promote sustainable public utilities in a world of abundance. Join us for our event series prior to the world biggest blockchain hackathon taking place in April 2019.

In Nature 2.0 assets are no longer owned by companies or individuals. Therefore they are no longer constrained by the motives of their owners and can address a more commonly shared need in society. The decentralized nature of blockchains has bootstrapped the existence of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which nobody fully controls.

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