We would like to invite you to the next meetup about blockchain technology and business. Again we will be hosted by Oracle, pizza and drinks are included.


1. Evgenia Rosa, Principal Solution Engineer at Oracle &
Dominik Müller, Co-Founder and CTO at BlockAxs
“Smart Access Protocol – a decentralized Access Control Management based on Blockchain“

Oracle offers a fully managed cloud platform for rapid provisioning and simplified administration of blockchain networks based on Hyperledger Fabric.
BlockAxs is a Berlin startup partner using Oracle cloud technology. They are developing a role based access control system for companies in order to avoid the errors and difficulties (eg. compliance) of today’s solutions and systems by using blockchain technology.
The talk introduces briefly Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service and focuses then on BlockAxs’s Role based Access Control system.

2. Dmitry Lavrenov, senior blockchain R&D engineer at Altoros
“Zero-Knowledge Proof: Improving Data Privacy for Blockchain”

We would like to talk about a mechanism that has a close connection to cryptography, called zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), and its potential within blockchain. We will cover the concepts of ZKP in general and demonstrate some use cases for employing the protocol.

3. Diana Rees, CEO and Cofounder at zkSystems DLT Protocol
“Building Autonomous IoT Ecosystems with Decentralized Technologies”

This talk will introduce how to use blockchain’s potential for inherently decentralized settings such as Smart Factories or Smart Cities. We will go over the current challenges and solution suggestions to enable fully autonomous IoT ecosystems.


Please notice that photo and/or film recordings can be taken.

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