Tonight we will discuss some topics that are crucial for the success for blockchain solutions: UX and GDPR

Julian Leitloff, CEO of Fractal –
“User onboarding and compliance for a tech-fueled international real-estate economy”

The decentralised web has a usability problem when it comes to user-onboarding and compliance. Mainstream users find it hard to navigate the novel interfaces of decentralised applications or have a hard time onboarding users. At the same time most applications and solutions that are started by highly sophisticated technical teams, find themselves in the midsts of international regulations and GDPR demands. Julian reports of his experience with user onboarding in the blockchain space and provides pragmatic examples of how to get on top of the regulatory framework while providing a great process for users.

JULIAN is CEO and co-founder of Fractal. Fractal is an Identity and Payment provider for the Web 3.0 with a focus on usability and compliance. Fractal ID enables tech products to seamlessly implement KYC/AML onboarding and solves identity management, data privacy and data security.


Arnab Naskar, STOKR –
“Tokenize the Profit-Sharing Rights of your Venture”

99% of the European companies are micro, small and medium enterprises. Access to capital through existing capital market is quite limited for these enterprises. On the other hand everyday investors have limited opportunities of investment in these sector. Using blockchain these enterprises can tokenize their profit-sharing rights, opening up a new era of capital market. At STOKR we are facilitating these enterprises to issue tokenized securities (profit sharing rights) following EU securities laws. Not only that we are facilitating both institutional and everyday investors to access to such financial instruments through STOKR interface.

ARNAB is a entrepreneur, legal engineer and blockchain analyst, currently based in Hamburg. He loves dealing with complexities of legal issues surrounding decentralised open source technologies. He is the Co-founder of SICOS and STOKR. Arnab is also involved in various policy initiatives in European region. He is actively involved in various community based events in Hamburg region focussing on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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