For the first meetup of 2019 we will have an open workshop to identify and discuss blockchain use cases for construction and real estate (be aware that means the audience will take an active part…).

Starting with an introduction of interesting blockchain/real estate startups by co-organizer Suvrajit Saha we will in the second part welcome Çağrı Yuruz, who is currently doing his master thesis on blockchain & real estate. He will present his current findings and invite the audience to discuss specific use cases and add their view on it.

Çağrı Yuruz studies Engineering Management in Konstanz, Germany and writes his master thesis on Blockchain within the Construction and Real Estate Industry. He believes that Blockchain is going to have a huge impact in our future. All in all he wants to know how we can improve the future of Construction and Real Estate with Blockchain.

We will take pictures and eventually videos of the event that will be posted on the meetup page. If you register for this meetup you agree that pictures taken of you can be used to document this event – for nothing else.