Together with aviation start-up eWINGZ we started a global initiative around Blockchain & Aviation. As a first kick-off event, we organized a two-day multi-stakeholder workshop in October 2017 in Berlin to address current problems in the aviation industry and identify how these can be solved with blockchain technology. The goal was to provide a multi-stakeholder platform for people and institutions who are interested to solve current problems in the aviation industry with blockchain and related technologies. It was the first in a series of workshops with the goal to:

  • Identify current problems along the aviation supply chain, document handling in general and in particular doc handling of maintenance activities.
  • Identify how and where could Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers be a solution?
  • Identify potential use cases & pilot projects.
  • Identify current technological & legal challenges for this use cases Self-sovereign Identity as a base layer for blockchain based solutions.
  • Identify new/missing key players to invite to the next round.
  • Discuss the option of creating a non-profit foundation around Blockchain & Aviation consortium incl. Necessary budget and funding options for this consortium or any other option/initiative that might be more suitable.
  • Reduce document handling

Representatives from Riddle & Code, BigchainDBJolocom, Danube Tech, Evernym, and BlockchainHub shared ideas on how blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies can solve questions of aircraft maintenance, operation as well as travel-related logistics. As a base layer to solve these problems, self sovereign identity solutions were addressed. Together with these stakeholders, eWINGZ is now spearheading a roadmap to create a blockchain aviation foundation. A minimal viable product and whitepaper are under development. The MVP focuses on MROs – maintenance repair organizations – addressing aircraft maintenance and shop floor level processes of how spare part assemblies are getting maintained and overhauled. The first step is to provide a self sovereign, sustainable and portable blockchain identity for aircraft spare parts, which is verifiable by other entities, without lock-in effects. The MVP should be ready to be launched Q1 of 2018.

MVP Architecture

About eWINGZ

is a Start-Up based in Vienna with the Vision to build a digital environment for seamless data exchange on a trusted and tamper-proof platform. The founder – Stefan Fölser – has 28 years of experience in aircraft maintenance. Together with his dedicated team, he wants to add visibility and traceability to the industry’s supply chain. The Vision: aircraft maintenance records should be seamlessly embedded into the ecosystem, bringing accurate and real-time data to the fingertips of the people it’s built for.

More Info

If you have any input or would like more info contact sfoelser@ewingz.aero.


Blockchain & Aviation Global Initiative