Together with aviation start-up eWINGZ we started a global initiative around Blockchain & Aviation. As a first Kick off event, we are organizing a two-day multi stakeholder workshop to address current problems in the aviation industry and identify how these can be solved with blockchain technology.

Date: October 12-13 2017
Location: Supermarkt-Berlin

The goal is to provide a multi stakeholder platform of people/institutions who are interested to solve current problems in the aviation industry with blockchain technology. This will be the first in a series of workshops with the goal to

  • Identify current problems along the aviation supply chain, document handling in general and in particular doc handling of maintenance activities.
  • Identify how and where could Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers be a solution?
  • Identify potential use cases & pilot projects.
  • Identify current technological & legal challenges for this use cases Self-sovereign Identity as a base layer for blockchain based solutions.
  • Identify new/missing key players to invite to the next round.
  • Discuss the option of creating a non-profit foundation around Blockchain & Aviation consortium incl. necessary budget and funding options for this consortium or any other option/initiative that might be more suitable.
  • Reduce document handling

The outcome of this workshop should be a position paper including next steps for this initiative.
More info on the workshop here:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lh3gDNo4z7Igl4q7mg5-l0IzmGLo5X3OYm7Qkfezobg/edit# About eWINGZ


About eWINGZ

is a Start-Up based in Vienna with the Vision to build a digital environment for seamless data exchange on a trusted and tamper proof platform. The founder – Stefan Fölser – has 28 years of experience in aircraft maintenance. Together with his dedicated team, he wants to add visibility and traceability to the industry’s supply chain. The Vision: aircraft maintenance records should be seamlessly embedded into the ecosystem, bringing accurate and real time data to the fingertips of the people it’s built for.


For more Info

or if you have any input for agenda or list of participants, please don’t hesitate to contact sfoelser@ewingz.aero.
If you are interested to attend the workshop in October please let us know by August 31st.


Blockchain & Aviation Global Initiative

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