Bloclkchain for science conference

The future of research will be decentralized


Blockchain will open new ways for peer-reviewing, the dissemination of content, reproducibility, the use of micropayments, improved digital rights management, new kinds of metrics, earlier recognition, better assessment and different kinds of research funding… Blockchain allows a new economy of science. Blockchainified data market places are being built, decentralised social networks allow publishing and research assessment without danger of creating single points of failures. Traditional business models of service provides are questioned in the decentralized future.

It seems the right momentum to call for an International Conference, where all stakeholders (researchers, funders, government, institutions, societies, publishers, technology companies) can meet, speak and listen. Basic blockchain technology will be discussed with its limitations, integration with the internet of research things (IoRT), most of the more than 20 blockchain for science projects world wide will be attending and show casing their projects, and ways to collaborate will be worked out to build the Open Science Ecosystem of the future. The international society of Blockchain For Science (IBFS) will be constituted.

The Blockchain For Science Con will take place during the Berlin Science week on the 5th and 6th of November in Berlin Friedrichschain. The late early bird deadline has been extended until the 24th of September. Program and registration can be found here: