Money is a Contract – Let’s make it smart!
KOINA aims to build a democratic monetary system that provide liquidity for a sustainable economy and relieves the real economy from the pressure of the financial world. The KOINA system wants to allow registered economic entities to self-create money (equity tokens) via a legal smart contract which is executed on the KOINA techno-legal platform. This network of distributed ledgers is non-blockchain based powered by the Pactum P2P Protocol.

The KOINA Team would like to invite you to this event in order to present and discuss the 3 layers that KOINA is tackling:

  1. KOINA Monetary Design and its economic purpose
  2. Pactum P2P-Protocol a true peer to peer solution for KOINA
  3. Legal Aspects of how KOINA intends to automate arbitration to reduce risk

Goal: We are looking for interested individuals and domain experts who are able to challenge the KOINA endeavour thoroughly in open discussions, identify potential challenges and solutions within that workshop.


14:00 Welcome & Introduction

14.15 Presentation
Introducing KOINA: Keynote by Daniel Neis
Money is a Contract – Let’s make it smart!
Daniel Neis, Founder and CEO of KOINA, will explain the KOINA System and which problems KOINA aims to solve. He will shortly talk about the destructive chain reaction today’s money creation sets off and how to crack that FIAT. Daniel will also touch on the four pillars of wealth creation in a modern society and the role of decentralized technology before he will end by describing the KOINA Go-to-Market Strategy and how they decentralized the KOINA business model.


15:00 Economic Round Table
“Redesigning Money”
The first discussion will be moderated by Daniel + Kathrin and deep dive into the KOINA Monetary Design focussing on its economic goal of promoting a sustainable economy. The goal of the discussion is to identify challenges while rolling out KOINA to the real economy.

16:00 Break

16:30 Presentation
KOINA Techno-Legal Platform
Taulant Ramabaja, CEO of Bitsapphire (Software provider for KOINA), will introduce the technology behind KOINA including the Pactum P2P-Protocol with focus on automated arbitration service and how KOINA will utilize different blockchain inspired technologies over its roll-out cycle. Furthermore, Taulant is going to talk about the KOINA approach to handle and construct legal smart contracts capable of interacting with the existing legal systems, which crucial role automated arbitration plays in the future, and how Pactum is used to facilitate such contracts without the need for intermediary servers.


17:10 Techno Legal Round Table
“Automated Arbitration”
The second discussion is going to be moderated by Taulant + Shermin trying evaluate the introduced technical solution for KOINA and the question of reducing risk in a P2P Credit Network like KOINA by the automated execution of legal smart contracts.

18:10 Summary, next steps & drinks
Wrap-up with an open discussion around challenges, potential bottlenecks, and identifying who else could use or benefit from the technology underlining KOINA.

Participation upon Invitation

If you are interested to participate send an email to

Location: Ethdev UG, Waldemarstrasse 37a, 10999 Berlin
Date: 25.03.2017
Time: 2 pm – 7 pm