By: Shermin Voshmgir

Blockchain’s biggest potential is to disrupt governance of public and private organizations alike. Following paper gives an overview and general introduction to the topic and has been published in a special edition of the journal Strategic Change. If you have access to academic journal papers you can read the full paper here:

Otherwise, and only if you know me personally, please send an email to and I will share a private link.


How Academic Journals work, and why I cannot publish my own work i do not get paid for

Unfortunately I cannot publish the link to a free copy, because journals like Wiley forces all authors to cede copyrights of their work. In the past, many academics who have published their work in the spirit of free science, have been sued by journal publications. Since journal publication is a prerequisite to a successful university career, and universities get rated by the number of journal publications their scientists produce, most people see no choice than to accept these conditions.

Also, authors of the academic papers don’t get paid for their work. Journals like Wiley, are privately held companies that do not share their revenues with their authors, knowing that most scientists are paid by tax payer’s money and tuition fees. In my case, since I am not working in academia anymore, I had three weeks of full time work and more of research, that no-one paid me for.

In the spirit of free science, I happily contributed to the journal without getting paid. The problem is that what I wrote is already partially outdated, because of the old fashioned peer-review and publishing process, based on old fashioned analogue and centralised thinking, as if the internet and collaborative documents in the cloud where never invented.


Outdated Research: Living Documents as an alternative

In spite of the fact that I submitted the paper January 2017, my paper has been officially published just now, due to lengthy peer review and publishing process, which means that some of the informations in my paper is already outdated. Much has happened over the last 8 months regarding one of my used cases: Bitcoin.

I therefore decided to publish a longer version of the paper under following link. This document is an extended version of the paper I published – the version for official journal publication had to be shortened significantly – and contains updates of the last 8 months.

I invite anyone who is interested, to comment on this paper, creating a collaborative and interdisciplinary research paper!

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Disrupting Organisations with Blockchain

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