For a long time a lot of attention has been around the financial aspects and short term profit making of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. As the first wave of the cryptocurrency hype is coming to an end, a variety of fields where the underlying Blockchain technology and similar distributed ledger technologies may be very useful, is being recognized by a general public.

As a result, the European Commission launched “EU Blockchain and Observatory Forum” in February 2018. More than EUR 80 million have already been invested in projects working with blockchain technology and another EUR 300 million will be granted by 2020. Among others these technologies show a lot of potential to help us make the world a more sustainable place (read more here).

Sustainable development incorporates multiple sectors like supply chains, government, energy and many more. Institutions, NGOs and other communities active in promoting UN Sustainability Goals have started to recognize blockchain as a solution. Many conferences have been organized in 2018 and the list of activities is growing exponentially it seems. Here a selection of past and upcoming conferences dedicated to topics on blockchain and sustainability:

In addition to the dedicated events, many more general conferences have sustainability aspect included in the main agenda:

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