Bruce Pon (BigchainDB) and Shermin Voshmgir (BlockchainHub) were invited to introduce Blockchain and it’s use cases to a group of CDU/CSU policy makers on 31.1.2017 at an event called Coffee & IT(ee), and were subsequently asked to compile a list of political demands from within the Blockchain Startup Ecosystem.

Here is the final Blockchain Policy Paper for Germany (read only version) that was submitted in Feb 2017 to the CDU/CSU Fraktion. This document is the result a collaborative effort by numerous members of the Berlin Blockchain community (see names in document).

We would like to use this collaborative effort as a basis for ongoing policy making suggestions accessible to the public and available across all political parties. If you would like to contribute to this paper, please comment directly in this open and collaborative version of the document. It is based on the version we submitted in February. This document will be kept online as pubic domain, and will be available for policy makers across all political parties.

We are also collaborating with the Initiative “Bundesverband Blockchain” which is currently in the making. The goal of this initiative is to make policy suggestions to the German Government, independent from political parties.